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I think the most important thing about what happening in Turkey is that for me, it seems like Turks are trying to find a middle ground or a third way between what used to be just kind of the Ataturk, nationalist way and the Islamist way, as modern as it is, of Erdogan. And for me, as a Muslim from the Middle East, that really important.

Dr. Zakaria, all the Mainstream Media are talking about the upcoming Water war.

June 17, 2013 at 10:29 am Reply

More from CNN: Meet the girls of Rising you know, be as Muslims as you want, be as religious as you want. But I think that the goal of the revolution was never about banning alcohol. The goal of the revolution was never about head scarves. The goal of the revolution was bread, liberty and social justice. And in that spirit, I think that we should be aiming for rights that encompasses everybody and their way of life. So I think when it comes to women especially, we're unfortunately very cheap bargaining chips. But what helps us is that women were side by side with men on the street.

benefits from girls being educated

I think preventing woman violence is bigger issue than getting woman educated. Women are more vulnerable to violence than men. I am talking about women violence in civilized society. For ex, very recently I saw one of my relatives beating his wife and daughter because they were not paying for his stuff. Then you read news about women violence pretty much every where. I don have kids or sisters. I can view it as Obama does or any father with a daughter. This definitely seems like an issue in our modern society. I no clue what causing it but its pretty bad.

On the ground, that stuff is pretty popular. So when Erdogan has put in these moderate restrictions on the sale of retail alcohol or he talks about women being allowed to wear the head scarf, in my experience, all my friends in Istanbul hate him for it. But the country at large likes it, because [this is a] 99 percent Muslim country, most people are devout. That actually resonates a lot more than people think. I assume the same is true in Egypt. who love to tout moral values. It very easy to tout moral values, to be against abortion, to be against same sex marriage here. And in Egypt and in the Middle East, it very easy to say I going to ban alcohol and I going to make sure that all girls can or should wear head scarves. That is too easy and that is a violation of people rights.

Fareed Zakaria GPS TVEvery week we bring you in depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems.

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More from CNN: girls of the world revolution is ours, as well. It might not have been a revolution for women rights, but now that we started the political revolution, if we don have a social sexual revolution that works on the ground, that political revolution will fail. It not about replacing one misogynistic patriarch with another. So I was paired with a wonderful 13 year old girl in Egypt who was a survivor of rape. And I myself was sexually assaulted close to Tahrir Square in November of 2011. So when the two of us met, we had a lot to share. But, you know, there I was at the time, you know, 44 years old, 43 years old. And she was 13. And the spirit of this girl, who had never had any kind of formal education, the way that she fought back, the way she and her mother went to the police to demand justice for the rape that she survived and her enthusiasm for education and her mother agreement to, you know, to have her daughter be paired with me and have her story told was just wonderful. And, you know, I urge everyone to watch the film, because it really goes to the heart of this, that when girls are educated, everybody benefits. So I glad CNN is showing it and I was glad to be a part of it.

You've spent 10 years in America and gone back to Cairo. Do you worry that while you would like to see a more secular republic, you worried by Erdogan Islamism or the Muslim Brotherhood Islamism?

Historically, the current Muslim Egyptian are ethnics of Turk and Albania. So, if those Turk Egyptians were the one who ousted Mubarak, the same can expect against Erdoggan.

Currently, Egypt is selling its Natural gas through Pipes. But, Egypt is using the Blue Nile River free, for many years. Egypt also the Third_party receiver of this water and still terrorizing Ethiopia by Weapons that She received from America. I gonna give you rights by taking away rights? It doesn get any stupider than that. Yes you can force women to wear head scarves but you can ban them either, leave it up to them. Some will, some wont. Why are people dumb. And what wrong with having rules regarding alchol. We have age limits, BALs, etc. So what if a country bans sales after a Buy Women Canada Goose Liuigno Parka Coat Grey Ireland certain time. All countries have to have the exact same laws? That ridiculous. In some western countries you can be nude in public, in others not. I don hear people in an uproar about it.

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Vanity said it has used the letter in its trademark designs since at least 1957.

But attorneys for Levi Strauss said in their cease and desist letter that the similarity in the designs "will create a substantial likelihood of customer confusion as to Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Berry Ireland Online the source of Vanity jeans."

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Vanity said the "V" designs it uses on the back of its jeans are "visually distinctive" from Levi's and that "Levi Strauss does not have the right to prevent Vanity from using a stylized version of the letter 'V' in connection with its pocket designs."

Levi Strauss sent a cease and desist letter to Vanity in late January, claiming the pocket design on the retailer's jeans was "confusingly similar" to Levi's brand.

In Vanity's complaint against Levi Strauss, the North Dakota retailer states it "has a reasonable apprehension" of being sued by Levi. Vanity's lawsuit aims to head off such an action by settling the trademark claim.

based retailer in trademark dispute with Levi Strauss

In Vanity's complaint against Levi Strauss, the North Dakota retailer states it "has a reasonable apprehension" of being sued by Levi. Vanity's lawsuit aims to head off such an action by settling the trademark claim.

Vanity said the "V" designs it uses on the back of its jeans are "visually distinctive" from Levi's and that "Levi Strauss does not have the right to prevent Vanity from using a stylized version of the letter 'V' in connection with its pocket designs."

wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaGRAND FORKS A Fargo based retailer wants a federal judge to settle a trademark dispute the company has with Levi Strauss Co. District Court:

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Backyard curling ice becomes rink of dreams for Calgary man

Waite, who curls with two leagues and whose children, Tommy, 10 and Eilidh, 8, both curl with the Huntington Hills Junior Curling Association, decided it was time to stop thinking about it and make it happen.

thought, do this in honour of my dad because he loved curling, said Waite.

Ed Waite, who, a few months ago built a skating rink for his kids in the family Thorncliffe backyard, had long been toying with the idea of hosting a bonspiel.

was a little emotional for all of us, but it something he would have loved to have been a part of. said the tournament was a resounding success, with entry fees from teams contributing to a $500 donation that Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Pink Sale Ireland will now be made to the Huntington Hills Junior Curling Association.

Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Pink Sale Ireland

The tournament, which would eventually see 40 people on 10 teams compete throughout the day on Saturday, was dedicated to the memory of Waite father, John, a curler who died of cancer 10 years ago this spring.

Two generations of an avid curling family found a special way to honour a third over the weekend.

So he converted the backyard ice to a curling rink, roughly half the length of a regulation sized one, embedding rings and even the names of a handful of sponsors that he rounded up.

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FLATOW: You have a program called the eBird for citizen scientists. What's that all about?

This is Talk of the Nation, Science Friday. I'm Ira Flatow. Whether you're crunching through those snowy forests in the Northeast or peering at forest canopies in Central America, birders from the Amazon to the Arctic are out there right now, tallying the birds all around them, and that's because we're right in the middle of the Audubon's Annual Christmas Bird Count. It's the 109th year running, ever since Christmas Day in 1900, when ornithologist Frank Chapman proposed a bird census as an alternative to a traditional holiday hunt, where the objective back then was to shoot and kill and bring home the most feathered creatures, even some of the furry ones that you found along the way that you could.

Ms. DREGER: Our assignment is to do an hour and a half walk in Prospect Park. So, how do we count birds? I know a lot of people want to know. When you count birds, well, what if you see five sparrows over here, and then what if they're the same five sparrows that are over there? So, we have a lot of people here today one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, oh, about 14 of us. So, there's 14 sets of eyes. What we want to do is we want to count the birds that we see at the same time. So, right now, what do we see on the lake? On the low water here, one, two, three, four are they all mallards?

Mr. LEBARON: That's right. Anywhere, anybody who watches birds, they make a checklist and record how long they've been watching. It's basically birding with a purpose.

Mr. LEBARON: I think it's going very well. I mean, we're obviously having some weather challenges, but we always do. It just becomes it really is a part of everybody's holiday tradition that's involved with it, and I know Fitz know that as well as I do.

Mr. LEBARON: The checklist is a full list of the birds that you've seen at any one spot. For example, on New Year's Day, I'll be walking for about eight hours, and I'll develop a list of probably 40 species, I hope. And I have a number for each of the species, you know, 17 song sparrows or three pileated woodpeckers, five house sparrows and so on. So, that complete checklist is a tally of the birds that were at one spot with a given amount of effort by a birder. So, we accumulate all of those across the continent, and we're now actually expressing some remarkable patterns of bird movements and relative abundance, continent wide.

But back in that first year, there were 27 participants in the Christmas Count, and they totaled up 90 species of birds, including hawks, chickadees, sparrows, woodpeckers and loons, but the count has grown and changed just a bit since then. Last year, nearly 60,000 bird watchers got out their binoculars no weapons and they spotted over 2,000 species. We're going to talk about some of those birds and birding with my next guest, and if you have been out there with your binoculars, too, have you seen something good? Or maybe you can't figure out what you saw. Give us a call. We'll try to figure out what it is, and we'd like to hear what you've been watching, if you're out there in the bird count.

Dr. FITZPATRICK: And I'll be doing my 52nd year of Christmas counting here in the next couple of days.

FLATOW: And how's the count going so far this year?

Ms. MICHELLE DREGER (Volunteer Naturalist, Audubon Society): My name is Michelle Dreger. I'm a volunteer here at the Audubon Center. I've been working at the center for six years. This is our sixth winter together, our Christmas Bird Camp. Let's go out and have a nice time today.

Our Canada Goose Solaris Parka Ireland Online number is 1 800 989 8255, 1 800 989 TALK, and if you're Twittering with us, you can send us a tweet at SciFri, and maybe we'll take your messages that way. Let me introduce my guests. Geoff LeBaron is the Christmas Bird Count director for the National Audubon Society. He joins us on the phone today from Williamsburg, Massachusetts. Nice to have you back.

FLATOW: Thank you. To get us going, I thought to sort of set the mood of what we're going to talk about, our producer Christopher Intagliata went to Brooklyn last weekend to tag along for one of the Christmas counts in Prospect Park. And we're going to we divided up what he saw at the three separate little sections. Let's play section one now, and our tour guide is Michelle Dreger, who is a volunteer naturalist, and here's how the count got started.

Mr. LEBARON: That's right. eBird is a way in which people who birdwatch anywhere in the Western hemisphere can get online and put their checklist into a huge and very rapidly going database. We do this invented it and run it together with the National Audubon. And we're getting 60 to 80,000 checklists a month now from people, largely North America, but now increasingly through Central and South America as well.

Mr. LEBARON: And it's just it's a really wonderful way, you know, despite the weather, of people getting out there and sort of getting connected with nature. So, it's things seem to be getting off to a great start.

Unidentified Woman: And then the mallards, one, two, three.

(Soundbite of people counting)

FLATOW: Wow, you don't look that old.

Mr. GEOFF LEBARON (Director, Christmas Bird Count, National Audubon Society): It's my pleasure to be here, Ira. It's sort of become a part of my holiday tradition as well.

FLATOW: We'll get into that in a minute. Let's talk a bit of more, Geoff, about my own backyard birdfeeder, can I be useful in any way looking at the birds there?

FLATOW: That Fitz that Geoff was talking about is John Fitzpatrick. He's here with us also and.

Mr. LEBARON: Absolutely. You can as long as you live within a Christmas count circle. They are two I mean, as we've heard from their experiences last weekend, the people go out in the field and count birds that way, but if someone does actually live within Christmas count circle and each named count is done conducted within a 15 mile diameter circle every year and it's always the same area if you live within that circle, then you can also count the birds that at your feeder. So, absolutely. And we, on the Christmas Count, actually, we also, there's an account specific checklist for each so the history of each count that's included in the database. So, checklists are sort of the heart and soul of any of the point count sort of methodology things that are so important for this in science.

FLATOW: What do you mean a checklist? Tell us what that means.

Ms. DREGER: I see two coots, three coots. I see three coots, a Canadian goose. Oh, no, that's not a Canada goose. That's the baby swan. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 21 at the same time.

Audubon's Annual Christmas Bird Count

Dr. JOHN W. FITZPATRICK (Director, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University): Terrific to be here, Ira.

FLATOW: So, you're covering basically the whole Western hemisphere soon.

Canada Goose Solaris Parka Ireland Online

FLATOW: Well, that's very nice of you to say that. Thank you very much. We kind of consider it that to be that also. John Fitzpatrick is the director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York, and he joins us by phone today. Welcome to Science Friday.

FLATOW: There you go. That's Michelle Dreger, who was out there in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Even in Brooklyn you could see some great birds. Right, Geoff?

Mr. LEBARON: That's absolutely right. Some of them one of the best birding area is actually in the northeast of Central Park in New York.

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Identification All red bellied woodpeckers show a black and white barred back, white uppertail coverts, grayish white underparts, black chevrons on the lower flanks and undertail coverts, and barred central tail feathers. In flight a small white patch shows at the base of the primaries. Adult male: entire crown, from bill to nape, is red; there is a suffusion of pink or red on the center of the belly. Adult female: red on the head is limited to nasal tufts (just above the bill) and nape; wash of color on the belly is paler, less extensive. In rare individual females, the nape and nasal tufts can be yellow orange instead of red. Juvenile: resembles adults but duller, with red nasal tuft and nape patches lacking; bill is brownish (black in adults).

Bellied Woodpecker Pictures

The red bellied woodpecker is the familiar zebra backed woodpecker of eastern woodlands and towns. Monotypic (or up to 4 weakly defined ssp. sometimes recognized). Length 9" (24 cm).

Population Generally stable. The red bellied has expanded its range northward in the Great Lakes region and New England over the last century and is also expanding northwestward in the Great Plains.

Voice In breeding season, the red bellied gives a rolling churrr; it also gives also a conversational chiv chiv; softer than calls of the golden fronted woodpecker. Drum: a simple roll of up to a second, with about 19 beats per second.

Similar Species Compare with the golden fronted woodpecker, which has solid black central rectrices, lacks pink or red on the belly, and has a different pattern of color on the head.

Status and Distribution Common in the Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Navy Sale Ireland Southeast, uncommon to fairly common in the Northeast, Midwest, and Great Plains. Year round: Pine and hardwood forests, open woodlands, suburbs and parks. Small populations exist west to southeastern North Dakota, central South Dakota, and northeastern Colorado. Dispersal: not migratory, but at least some individuals in northern range withdraw southward in fall. Vagrant: wanders casually north to central Ontario, southern Quebec, Maine, and the maritime provinces of Canada and west to eastern New Mexico; accidental in southeastern Wyoming, Idaho, and Saskatchewan.

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After that point, Bush worked with resident Rob Sniffen to create a group effort to try and catch the goose. Sniffen posted in the neighborhood's Facebook group asking for residents to meet at a specific time on June 23 so they could try to catch the goose. Sniffen thought four or five people would show up to help. He was shocked when he came home from work to find nearly 30 people ready to help.

Women Canada Goose Palliser Coat Berry Sale Ireland

"I think the people out here like the geese," Sniffen said. "They've been in this park as long as I've lived here and I think people like having them around."

Most people see a Canada goose near their house and they groan. But one neighborhood rallied together to catch an injured goose so it could be rehabilitated and returned to their community.

"Nobody wants them in their front yard, but out here [at the pond], this is their home. They were here first," said Betton Hills resident Carla DeLoach.

When the geese were ready to be released, the community came together again. About 15 residents came to the pond Saturday to watch as Beck and other volunteers released the birds. The geese left their carrying cages and headed toward the pond. Harry let out a honk and the rest of the gaggle flew over to reunite with the rehabilitated geese. The two geese seemed to be accepted and the residents clapped and smiled.

The group created a line of people to walk toward the goose to keep it from getting away again. One resident brought a kayak so they could keep the goose out of the lake. Another resident on a bike stopped and asked if she could help; she used her bike as a shield to keep the goose from flying away. The goose was eventually caught in Sniffen's yard and taken to Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary for rehabilitation.

"We work closely with Dr. David Hale who has taught me so much about wound care that we were able to take care of this without having to put this goose through going in to see the vet," said Noni Beck, wildlife rehabilitator at Goose Women Canada Goose Palliser Coat Berry Sale Ireland Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.

"The problem with ducks and geese is they fly, they walk and they swim," Bush said. "It got to the point where the fourth time, I got out of my car, it saw me and flew into the lake."

DeLoach and Sniffen are anxious to see if the geese can continue to be accepted by the gaggle, but are happy to see them back at Harriman Circle Pond.

"The power of social media is really amazing. People were coming from blocks away," Sniffen said. "It's neat to see the community rally around the geese. Everyone's busy in their everyday hustle and bustle, but everyone came out."

For weeks, neighbors in Betton Hills watched as a Canada goose that lived in the neighborhood's Harriman Circle Pond was ostracized from its gaggle because of an injury. They made calls to Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary that sent out volunteer Shelby Bush. Bush tried to catch the goose on her own, but could never succeed.

The sanctuary is collecting unwanted items to be used in its Cheeps Boutique, an annual resale fundraiser. All donations are taxdeductible and the proceeds benefit Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is also seeking volunteers for the annual event.

The goose, named Betty after Betton Hills, had fishing line wrapped around her foot seven or eight times and was badly injured because of it. While trying to catch Betty, Bush recognized that there was a second goose that was also injured. Bush was able to catch the second goose, named Harry after Harriman Circle Pond, and took him to have his leg infection treated.

While at Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, the geese received antibiotics and were given time to heal until they could walk without limping.

Betton Hills residents rally around injured geese

Buy PhotoSamantha Mattair helped care for a pair of geese that was injured several weeks ago in Betton Hills. On Saturday, Mattair escorted the recuperated birds to their pond at Harriman Circle Park. Here, she and others watch as the geese reunite with others in the pond. Robin/Democrat)

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Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don't have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog Out"We would have understood each other a lot better," Yunel Escobar says of his first major league manager, Atlanta's Bobby Cox. Escobar is glad major league teams must employ a Spanish language translator.(Photo: Kelvin Kuo, USA TODAY Sports)Raisel Iglesias now has a better way to share his gregarious personality with his Cincinnati Reds teammates. Aroldis Chapman may exchange fishing stories with Andrew Miller, the reliever he's supposed to replace as the New York Yankees closer. Henderson Alvarez can more clearly express to the news media how soon he might be ready to join the Oakland Athletics' rotation.These are but a few examples of the benefits Latin American players have garnered from the newly imposed requirement that every Major League Baseball team have a Spanish language translator.With nearly 24% of the players on this year's Opening Day rosters and disabled lists hailing from countries where Spanish is the dominant language, the implementation of the translator program has drawn overwhelmingly favorable reviews and questions of why it took so long."What we've heard is a lot of positive feedback,'' said Omar Minaya, a senior advisor to players association head Tony Clark. "A lot of the veteran players have said, Canada Goose Buy Chilliwack Ireland 'Boy, I wish I had that when I was coming up.'''USA TODAYOne amazing stat puts Bryce Harper hot start in perspectiveLos Angeles Angels infielder Yunel Escobar is among those who feel that way. Now playing for his fifth club in 10 seasons, the Cuba native clashed with manager Bobby Cox after breaking into the majors with the Atlanta Braves in 2007, and he has never developed much of a rapport with the news media.Although he could at times lean on a bilingual teammate or coach to help him deal with the language barrier, Escobar said it was frustrating not to be able to communicate directly with those around him. He believes having a translator readily available would have made a difference."We would have understood each other a lot better,'' said Escobar, who was suspended three games in 2012 after displaying a homophobic slur on his eye black. "Some players early in their careers have to keep quiet, can't express how they feel. I think if there had been (translators) from the time I came up in 2007, we could have avoided a lot of problems.''The push to require teams to provide Spanish language translators, through a program agreed to by MLB and the players association, was spearheaded by New York Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran, a highly respected veteran with the stature to take his case to the union and get results.Beltran was still learning English when he came up with the Kansas City Royals in 1998 at age 21, and he found himself branded an introvert because of his reluctance to talk, which he attributed to his difficulty with the language.Like many other Latin players, Beltran noticed over the years that players from Asian countries arrived in the majors with a personal translator, sometimes even a second one for their wives. It didn't seem like equitable treatment, and Beltran finally decided to take action after watching Dominican teammate Michael Pineda struggle to explain himself to the media after being ejected for using pine tar two years ago."A lot of times when you don't speak the language well, you do an interview after a game and you want to say so many things but you're limited in how much you can express in English. That may give off the wrong impression,'' Beltran said.Carlos Beltran spoke up when he noticed translators available for Japanese players, but not those from Latin America. (Photo: Noah K. Murray, USA TODAY Sports)"In my first year here (in New York, in 2014), there were three Japanese players on the team with three interpreters, and there were a lot of Latin players who did not speak English well, yet we didn't have anybody who could relay to them information about things that were being talked about in the clubhouse.''The translators' role goes well beyond helping players communicate with the media. Depending on the player's command of English, they may convey instructions from the coaching or training staff, relate what is being said during a meeting, provide information about legal documents, help out in medical appointments and serve as a link with other players.

awaited boon for Spanish

Canada Goose Buy Chilliwack Ireland

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In the Nov. release, Barrett also said he felt can no longer ignore illegal trafficking and the issue is rapidly worsening with the involvement of organized crime.

very concerned and hope to be introducing legislation on the black market trafficking of not only tobacco, which hits pretty close to home, but also drugs, people, money and weapons, Barrett said. involved in the business are in contact with people who are also involved in the weapons business and even human smuggling.

Barrett looks to introduce inquiry into trafficking of humans

Canada Goose Montebello Parka Dublin

Conservative MPP Toby Barrett introduced his concerns about the illegal trafficking of humans, tobacco, drugs and weapons in late November and plans to expand his research and investigation into the severity of the issue throughout 2016.

colleagues in the opposition have presented it to the other parties in several committees, Barrett said. wrote a letter to the NDP and the Liberal MPPs, telling them about what I thinking of doing. I spoke with the attorney general. I got into it just before Christmas and I been doing a bit of reading over the holidays. If it not a big problem, that good. Let just hope it stays that way.

It was Nov. 29, 2015 when Barrett released a press release stating that he was on members of the Legislative Assembly to establish a time limited Commission of Inquiry to hold hearings, pull together data with respect to trafficking of tobacco, other drugs, illegal weapons and humans.

Barrett said that he has been in contact with MPPs from all parties asking if it was an issue that should be looked at more closely and asking if the province should preparing for any eventualities in the future if things get out of hand.

Barrett says that film crews from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico have come to his office to interview him about illegal tobacco arriving on their shores.

our tobacco is going down there, what coming up in the future? Who are they dealing with down there? Barrett asked. aren boy scouts down there.

During the Canada Goose Montebello Parka Dublin free skate event hosted by Barrett on Jan. 2 at the Cayuga Memorial Arena, Barrett discussed his concerns over the issue.

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Last Tuesday I stopped by the Chester County Treasurer Office to purchase my 2016 2017 hunting licenses along with an antlerless permit for WMU 5D. The folks there told me that all 70,000 permits allotted to WMU 5C had sold out to long lines of hunters on Monday, shortly after the over the county sales began, and that only a few hundred of the 30,000 tags allotted to WMU 5D were still available. I bought my 5D antlerless license in the nick of time. By the next day they were sold out too.

Since the formation of Whitetails Unlimited (WTU) in June of 1982, the organization stated mission has been to raise funds in support of educational programs, wildlife habitat enhancement and acquisition, and the preservation of the hunting tradition and shooting sports for future generations. Funds generated at WTU events are awarded as grants to support approved local projects that foster WTU mission. To date, over $70.3 million has been expended on projects including scholarships, assistance to wildlife agencies, research, habitat enhancement and acquisitions, public education, hunter safety, anti poaching measures, and cooperative projects with other conservation organizations

With September just around the corner and a hint of autumn in the crisp morning air, it not too early for our local hunting fraternity to start gearing up for the upcoming seasons. As usual, much of that preparation will focus on the whitetail deer, especially here in Wildlife Management Units (WMU) 5C and 5D where the archery season on both antlered and antlerless deer opens on Sept. 17 (statewide archery season opens on Saturday, Oct. 1). Helping to usher in those seasons, once again, are the folks at Backyard Bucks, the Chester County Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited, when they host their 7th Annual event, a Dinner, on September 10 at the Wagontown Fire Hall, 412 West Kings Highway in Wagontown.

Using funds generated from their annual sportsman event held each year at the Wagontown Firehouse, Backyard Bucks donates to the Chester County Conservation Camp and helps allow two youngsters to attend the camp that otherwise might not be able to afford it. Other profits go to purchasing archery equipment, funding conservation projects, mentoring children, and donating to other non profit children Women Canada Goose Dawson Parka Black Ireland organizations such as One Wish Foundation.

Antlerless tags sold out

mission relies on the fundraising provided by our Freedom Dinner, said Lyle. would not be possible without the help of Whitetails Unlimited, our many local businesses and other sponsors, and all those who attend the event and make it a huge success. We thank everyone for their support. an awesome buffet, auction, and prizes with a wide array of products including firearms, outfitter packages, hunting and outdoor related equipment, artwork, and collectibles only available at WTU events. You also be supporting a great cause. Tickets for the event are $40 single and $30 for spouse and kids under 15. A ticket purchase also includes a year long Whitetails Unlimited membership. All ticket sales are in advance and will not be sold at the door. For more info contact Art Lyle at 484 643 6132, Andy White at 610 505 6676, or stop in at Buck Guns, Ammo, and Training in Oxford (610 467 0802).

Lyle characterizes his organization as a dedicated group of men and women determined to make a difference in the community by introducing kids to the great outdoors, sponsoring local hunter safety programs, and involving themselves in conservation projects and the preservation of habitat for white tailed deer and other wildlife.

are very happy to have such a great non profit youth camp to donate to, said WTU Chapter President Art Lyle, teach archery to some really awesome kids. We been donating and teaching at this camp for approximately five years now. This past July we had about 44 kids, 22 boys and 22 girls, attend the Archery course at camp. The kids at camp ranged from ages 11 to 14 and they all had a great time.

The official opening guns signaling the start Pennsylvania hunting seasons are set to go off this Thursday, Sept. 1, when both our resident goose season and dove season come into play. Canada goose hunters can be huddled in their blinds before sunup. Dove hunting begins at noon through Sept. 24. For goose hunters here in our Atlantic Population Zone, there a generous daily limit of 8 geese each day. Dove hunters may bag a daily limit of 15 birds. Early goose season runs through Sept. 24. The first installment of the three part dove season runs through Oct. 8. In any case, if you head afield in quest of our largest migratory game bird (the Canada goose) or our smallest (the mourning dove) on Thursday, shoot straight, hunt safe, and always respect the rights of property owners.

Backyard bucks poised to usher in another hunting season

Women Canada Goose Dawson Parka Black Ireland

Dove and resident goose seasons open