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´╗┐Becoming a Coach Purse Dealer

According to Google Answers, becoming a Coach dealer requires you to go through an intricate screening process. Because Coach wants to control the flow of their product, they are the only source you can go to when looking to purchase wholesale, resell and become an official Coach dealer. If you qualify, they will put you through an interview process and do site visits of your store front before allowing you to sell their product. According to Google Answers, Coach is the only source for wholesale bags because they are interested in keeping track of who is reselling their products. This is also done because they want to make sure the market is not flooded with their merchandise. At times, purses can be discounted up to 80 percent off the originally price tag. Some savvy buyers keep track of sales and outlet prices and purchase bags at lower prices and resell them on Ebay or Overstock for profit. This is one of the only other ways to buy and sell Coach Handbags to the public.Be PreparedMake sure if you do find a retail store or an online store front that sells Coach products at discounted prices that they can certify that the merchandise is authentic. You can also be prepared be educating yourself on how to spot a fake Coach handbag. If you notice that the straps of the purse you are purchasing are not soft and smooth and if the zippers do not have YKK engraved on them, the product you are looking at may be a fake. This will help give buyers confidence that the Coach product they are purchasing is authentic and will also help you receive the most money. Also be sure to set minimum purchase amounts your handbags can be purchased at, especially if you are using an online auction site. This will also help you bring in more profits and ensure you do not sell your handbags for less than you purchased them for.Anonymous 6 years agoResellers do not need to contact Coach. I work for Coach and all they have to do is come in the store and buy, there is 3 item limit of each item. They can buy 10 Signature items and 10 Leather only, no more than that per week. It's obvious they are resellers when buying that much, but theres nothing Coach does UNLESS they give their name. THen they keep track of every time they come and will eventually send them a letter saying Buy Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Blue Ireland they can no longer shop at Coach. So resellers should always pay cash and never give their name!Jyp 6 years agoThey would not allow a friend of mine to buy 5 items because she "looked" like someone else that purchased a lot the day before. They said they are requiring people to show ID when paying CASH. Discrimination?? ABSOLUTELY. Pay cash, buying less than minimum, and they still won't sell unless you have a VALID ID. If it is not current, they say NOPE. I was in a store where 8 people were buying 5 or more items. They wouldn't sell to one women because she didn't have her passport with her and she was from out of the country. On the other side of me, another person had 8 items, and didn't ask them for ID, and they had duplicates, so yes, they are JUDGING YOU AND DECIDING IF THEY WANT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU. I believe I should have PRIVACY and should not have to share my name, or address to pay for something using cash, and how dare they KEEP TRACK, when I did not approve of that when I purchased. I should be able to buy without telling anyone who I am, why I am buying and for who I am purchasing for. PRIVACY!!! They are making money on everyone buying there, so allow everyone to buy what they want, can afford, or if they want to take the risk and buy something and sell it to a friend, let them!annonymous 6 years agoyes, i was trying to purchase 8 bags using cash, and was asked for ID, left my passport at hotel and they will NOT let the purchase go through. eventually i had to buy 4 bags and even then, i am not allowed to return a wallet given to me as a gift for exchange because I cannot provide them any ID. this is ridiculous, really puts me off from coming to the US and going all the way to outlet, and only Coach will do that, I do not have problem with other stores. what a disgrace to a company!Just researching wanting to become a dealer myself,An I find that one it seems like they are trying to make sure that the uniqueness is kept and when paying cash they can not keep track of you. So when you give a check or credit card you do not have to say your name they can keep a log of your purchase. Think of how much tape that would be. Good luck and God Bless You all ladies.anonymous 6 years agoI am having the same problem. Went in the store with my son and girlfreind and they would not let them buy bags because I was at the limit. I buy about every 2 monthe because I live out of state. How can I be a threat? If they are going to discriminate then don't have outlet stores to begin with. All they are doing is hurting there name in the end. A lot of prople do not have outlet stores to go to and all we are doing is providing them a Coach bag at a discounted price. It would cost them traveling expensives, so in the long run they are saving money. Coach you are a little to full of yourself!sheri826 6 years agoyes, they will ban you if you purchase too much with a credit card. They did that to me. I purchased about 1000 a week to put on ebay and did it about a year. Then, last March I went in to make a purchase. I had 10 bags placed on the counter and then told "you cannot buy these because you got this letter." I had received no letter, but they didn't care. I am no longer allowed to purchase any Coach bags. I have to wonder, if I purchased this much, I'm sure others have as well. If they ban all of us from buying, they are going to make less money. I hope their business crashes when they ban all of us resellers just to stay "exclusive"Kitty 6 years agoHi. I shop for resellers overseas. I have made some big purchases and paid in cash every time. Even though I paid in cash, they asked for my ID. I asked them why were they asking me for ID when I am paying in cash, they said because I exceeded an amount. I have given them my ID a few times already, I wonder when/if they will send me a letter that I no longer can buy from Coach. I was told by the reseller that they only ask for ID so that I can't go again within two weeks. Does anyone know if this is true?Seen1 6 years agoKitty I can tell you this much. It is ILLEGAL to ask someone for ID when purchasing products with cash! Coach has no right to do that. And there is another thing I can tell you is that, if you go there to buy bags week after week you will be banned. So be careful since Coach has already banned many of its royal customers excusing them of being resellers.Annonymous 6 years agoWell it happened to me today, I walked into my favorite Coach store, and they showed me the letter. (My name and address were at the top, but I never got one in the mail,, Perhaps sending it in the mail is some sort or Federal violation.) I have been buying for the past 5 years, probably do less than $10,000 a year, and always have used my charge card, sometimes I would buy Coach gift cards on ebay at a discount, OH Well life goes on, but it reminds me of the USSR, I really have to disagree with their superior attitude. I have treated my ebay customers better than Coach has treated me. May they go the way of Circuit City, Sharper Image and countless other national stores, but not for the same reason.