The brothers plan to eventually donate their collection to the Portage La Prairie, Man., Delta Waterfowl chapter, to be used by an artist in residence program.

The trio also had success bagging black ducks.

Wednesday, they travelled back to Grand Forks.

Their car trip to the Island took 40 hours, but it was worth every minute, said Hadlich.

"It was just a marvelous experience, the scenery was great and the people were great," said Hadlich.

´╗┐bagging birds on the Island

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"We knew we would get a pure strain of Atlantic Canada goose out here," he said.

The Grand Forks hunters were accompanied by Mark's youngest son, Andy Hadlich.

They've also shot approximately 35 species of ducks along the way.

FRENCH RIVER Since their high school days in the late 1960s, brothers Mark and Robin Hadlich have been engaged in a quest of near epic proportions: to shoot all 11 subspecies of the Canada goose.

What do friends say when they describe their consuming passion, one that has taken them to nearly every corner of the continent?

"They think we're crazy," chuckled Mark Hadlich, a tax auditor when he isn't crouched in a Buy Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Pink Online blind. His brother owns a cleaning business.

"We don't have black ducks in North Dakota," said Hadlich.

They had booked their hunting vacation through Jim Duggan's Wild Goose Lodge, based in French River.

Let me start by first saying I am a hunter. Until you are one you'll never understand. My dad took me hunting as a kid and I developed a love of the outdoors. I fish, hike hunt etc. It has never been about the killing as you people say. Taking of game is a privledge and a bonus of being an outdoor enthusiast. I never take an animal I don't intend to eat and man has been doing it as long as time has existed. I personally don't see me wanting to shoot all the subspecies of Canada Goose but to each their own. Posts such as these above me show the complete ignorance of PEI residents to the rest of the country. If you saw how chicken,beef etc. makes it too your table you wouldn't be calling hunters cruel. Animals taken in the wild are treated much more humanly then the former. I know while their are some that will never be for hunting, I feel you need to keep an open mind and while you have a right to your opinions, others have a right to theirs. When I'm out hunting, I always take the time to pick up garbage/wrappers you name it that people like to throw out there car windows, into the place where all the fluffy little poor animals live lol. Sorry about the sarcasm at the end but I needed to make a point. Have a gooder!!

All told four individuals of that final subspecies were shot on the Island.