The squirrels are taking over.

Speaking of parenting, Bridgen said it baby season for squirrels.

Blacks and greys interbreed freely, but the dark gene is dominant. common to see a grey squirrel and a black squirrel with a litter, Bridgen said.

system attempted to re close, but it couldn because the squirrel was impacting the infrastructure on that side of the switch. managed to fix the problem from its operations centre. When workers were sent to check out the pole, they discovered the animal interference.

Squirrel pregnancies only last about 40 days. Females produce two litters a year one around March and the other around October, with the spring litter being larger.

need a place to live. We took their habitat, they going to move into ours. for the supposed difference between black squirrels and grey ones, Bridgen said that just a misconception: They the same species. Black squirrels are Eastern grey squirrels with a mutant pigment gene.

But a different animal takeover could soon require municipal attention, especially on the riverfront: An overabundance of the Canada Goose.

Don Bridgen, owner of Windsor Essex animal control service Pro Trap, said he noticed a change in local squirrels over the course of his company 20 year history.

But that doesn mean there won be others. Marshall said Friday incident was Enwin ninth occasion so far this year where animal contact caused a power outage.

In 2012, Enwin dealt with a total of 60 animal contacts. Canada Goose Citadel Parka Sale Ireland on Apr. 26, 2013. (Nick Brancaccio / The Windsor Star)

getting into attics way more often than they used to, he said. getting into people homes and causing a lot of damage. insulation, aluminum, solid wood all fall victim to the gnawing jaws of an invading squirrel legion.

´╗┐Beware the Windsor squirrel

Mantha admitted he also had personal issues with squirrels. I bought my house, I had to do a lot of major repair in the attic because they chewed right through a two by four. They chew right through anything. assured that the city doesn have any squirrel removal plans in the works. like the skunks, he said.

Marshall wouldn be explicit about the squirrel fate, but it safe to say it won be climbing anymore hydro poles or doing anything else.

All right, that an exaggeration. But Windsor residents may have cause for concern about the bushy tailed rodents after one of them shut down power for thousands of homes in the city west end on Friday morning.

they going to be a nuisance, this is the time of the year, Bridgen said. going to be in houses, in attics. We getting a lot of calls on squirrels. You hear them running around all over the place. It keeps people up. such an invasion can be a difficult matter. Bridgen said the presence of many squirrels on your property indicates there a food source nearby which can be anything from a bird feeder to a backyard garden.

Forget about trying to kill them all. The best defense plan, Bridgen said, is to install barriers at a structure vulnerable points. guarantee our work for five years, he promised. use a one way door system. It allows them to go out, but they won be able to get back in. It the most humane and effective way to do it. said Pro Trap typically deals with more than 100 calls every month regarding nuisance squirrels across Essex County.

bigger, but bolder, Bridgen said. have no fear. the region human population has grown, so has its squirrel population. Bridgen said the constant contact has led to squirrels being very comfortable investigating man made structures.

But if it seems like squirrels in particular are growing more numerous and braver in their behaviour it may not be your imagination.

Canada Goose Citadel Parka Sale Ireland

Canada Goose Citadel Parka Sale Ireland

Meanwhile, City of Windsor parks manager Yvan Mantha said this year long and cold winter has thankfully prevented the squirrel problems of 2012 when unseasonably warm spring weather led to hungry squirrels emerging early and gobbling up the city tulip bulbs.(Nick Brancaccio / The Windsor Star)

Canada Goose Citadel Parka Sale Ireland

Yes, the Canada Goose. Belligerent, territorial, and prone to leaving large piles of smelly goose poop. geese are probably going to be the next big story, Mantha lamented.