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Duration of constipation was significantly longer in autism group. The investigators opined that constipation was related to neuro behavioral factors and not the involvement of the gut.

Several studies indicate that gastrointestinal disturbances are more common in autism/ASD. Despite lot of anecdotal data, the issue of constipation in such patients is mired in controversy.

´╗┐Autism kids more likely to suffer constipation

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A neurobehavioral symptom can easily be a manifestation of what goes on in the gastrointestinal system and vice versa. Bottomline, the incidence of constipation in autism/ASD is greater than controls and whether the pathology is in gut or brain or somewhere in between, the patients/parents/caregivers have to deal with it.

Results of Autism constipation study

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Constipation occurred much earlier in autism group. Median age of onset of constipation in autism group was 2.5 months as compared to 14 months in constipated non autism group.

The above two seemingly disparate concepts may not be as mutually exclusive at it seems since the gut is intimately connected wth the nervous system via enteric nervous Canada Goose Hybridge Hoody Sale Ireland system, endocrine system as well as immune system.

Autism constipation study objectives: Drs Pang and Croaker from the Department of Medicine, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. wished to examine if constipation is more common in such patients As compared to controls. The results of the study were published in the journal Pediatric Surgery International (2011).

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Autism constipation study: Investigators compared constipation/bowel habit records of children with autism neuro developmental psychiatric diagnosis and compared with constipation history in otherwise healthy kids. 118 kids with autism were identified and the characteristics of constipation were then compared to bowel habit data on 90 controls.