In the Nov. release, Barrett also said he felt can no longer ignore illegal trafficking and the issue is rapidly worsening with the involvement of organized crime.

very concerned and hope to be introducing legislation on the black market trafficking of not only tobacco, which hits pretty close to home, but also drugs, people, money and weapons, Barrett said. involved in the business are in contact with people who are also involved in the weapons business and even human smuggling.

´╗┐Barrett looks to introduce inquiry into trafficking of humans

Canada Goose Montebello Parka Dublin

Conservative MPP Toby Barrett introduced his concerns about the illegal trafficking of humans, tobacco, drugs and weapons in late November and plans to expand his research and investigation into the severity of the issue throughout 2016.

colleagues in the opposition have presented it to the other parties in several committees, Barrett said. wrote a letter to the NDP and the Liberal MPPs, telling them about what I thinking of doing. I spoke with the attorney general. I got into it just before Christmas and I been doing a bit of reading over the holidays. If it not a big problem, that good. Let just hope it stays that way.

It was Nov. 29, 2015 when Barrett released a press release stating that he was on members of the Legislative Assembly to establish a time limited Commission of Inquiry to hold hearings, pull together data with respect to trafficking of tobacco, other drugs, illegal weapons and humans.

Barrett said that he has been in contact with MPPs from all parties asking if it was an issue that should be looked at more closely and asking if the province should preparing for any eventualities in the future if things get out of hand.

Barrett says that film crews from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico have come to his office to interview him about illegal tobacco arriving on their shores.

our tobacco is going down there, what coming up in the future? Who are they dealing with down there? Barrett asked. aren boy scouts down there.

During the Canada Goose Montebello Parka Dublin free skate event hosted by Barrett on Jan. 2 at the Cayuga Memorial Arena, Barrett discussed his concerns over the issue.