´╗┐BIGGER Tiles in Photoshop CS2

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Photoshop CS2 ships with a new plug in installed, but it's not used until you say it should be. The plug in is called 'Bigger Tiles.' The Bigger Tiles plug in is installed in the Extensions folder, within the Adobe Photoshop Only Plug Ins folder that lives in the Adobe Photoshop CS2 folder. To activate the plug in, simply remove the '' from the beginning of its name. This is actually a trick you can use to disable/enable any Photoshop plug in (put a '' at the beginning of the plug in file name). WHAT DOES IT DO? The Bigger Tiles plug in allows Photoshop to process image data in larger chunks. With the plug in enabled, the overall time to complete many operations is reduced, especially on computers with lots of RAM (more than 1 GB). Bigger Tiles can also reduce the responsiveness of the application under some circumstances.

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