Mendoza said he did not know whether Carranza had a knife, but they were near a prep area where knives are located.

The morning of Saturday, June 13, Carranza arrived at the restaurant, Mendoza said. The restaurant owner heard screaming from the kitchen and went to his office to get his gun. According to Mendoza, Carranza came toward him in a small room near the hall. "So when he took the first step, I shot him."

After the shooting, the restaurant quickly returned to business as usual, and remains open nearly a year later. Mendoza told the Pioneer this week that he has not heard of any charges against him and does not have a lawyer.

One year later

Carranza felt it was unfair that he was fired while the other employees involved in the fight were not, and asked Mendoza for $2,000 for rent and help getting to Atlanta where his family lives, according to Mendoza. Mendoza said he gave Carranza, who was his wife's cousin, the money, but the next day Carranza asked Mendoza for an additional $10,000. Mendoza declined to give him the money.

On June 13, 2015, Mendoza shot and killed Otoniel Carranza, 32, of Bemidji at Mi Rancho, according to statement Mendoza made to the Pioneer days after the incident. Mendoza said he shot Carranza, a former employee, to protect himself and others in the restaurant on Anne Street.

The Beltrami County Attorney's office has not filed any charges against David Mendoza, 33, owner of the Mi Rancho Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Red Ireland restaurant, but the case is still "under investigation," according to County Attorney Annie Claesson Huseby, who declined to comment further.

Days after the shooting, Mendoza told the Pioneer he shot Carranza, but law enforcement never confirmed the information.

The shooting

Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Red Ireland

´╗┐Bemidji restaurant employee shooting case still in flux

Mendoza said Carranza has moved to Bemidji from Mexico and worked at Mi Rancho until Mendoza fired him for getting into physical altercations with other employees about ten days before the shooting.

Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp told the Pioneer the Sheriff's Department referred the case to the county attorney in October. Hodapp said the office was waiting for some results from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and that all of those results were turned over "in the recent past.".

Mendoza said Carranza had told other Mi Rancho employees that he would cause trouble at the restaurant. Mendoza was concerned and brought his gun to the restaurant.

After Mendoza shot Carranza, he called 911. Sheriff's deputies and Bemidji Police Department officers arrived at the restaurant and identified the shooter, who was taken into custody.

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