Are all of these moments taken from different moments in the season? Will we be flashing back to see what leads up to these moments? For those answers, we have to stay tuned. But if there were any doubts that Tree Hill could still keep fans engaged in season nine, this trailer did a pretty good job of dismissing them.

We then see Brooke (Sophia Bush) trashing what appears to be Karen Cafe (UPDATE: but fans tell me it a rival cafe that opens up this season), knocking over chairs and throwing stuff on the ground. She mad? Distraught? Over what? Maybe it has something to do with a scene we see later, in which Julian (Austin Nichols) is getting the snot beat out of him.

[ Austin Nichols (Julian): "Mogul" Could Julian's career be taking off as well? Or will his competition with a mogulbethe reason for his beat down? [ November 7th, 2011 1:29 pm

Tree hill fans know you will go on 2 do gr8 things nd I loo forward to see what those things shall be. One tree hill coming to an end has to be the most surreal moment I ever experienced and I soo wish it didn have to end but as they say all gr8 fings comes 2 n end you completely changed my life and am full of tears to know that its over. Thank you for being such a gr8 bunch of people and Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Red Sale Ireland I speak from london to let you know we shall miss you all very very much I wish you all the best. ;(

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Cut to a shot of Chase (Stephen Colletti) in the backseat of a police car. Has he been arrested? What for? He doesn look happy.

[ Na spotkaniu na Uniwersytecie Pnocnej Karoliny w Wilmington ktre odbyo si wczoraj pojawili si aktorzy i twrca OTH. zaprezentowany zwiastun sezonu 9.: Worek na zwoki, ponce budynki Nathan jest narratorem, widzimy obraz poncego budynku. Waciciel jest nieznany, potem pojawia si Dan. Jest w samochodzie i aduje bro. Rozmawia z kim, kto siedzi na siedzeniu pasaera o zabiciu kogo. T osob jest Chris Keller. Potem scena z Chasem aresztowanym siedzi w wozie policyjnym. Potem Clay i Quinn zacieka ktnia o co. Clay wykrzykuje: nie jest tak, e nie potrzebuj ci tu. Ja ci tu nie chc! a. Potem widzimy Brooke. Jest w kawiarence konkurencji przewala krzesa, zrzuca rzeczy na ziemi. Szalona? Zrozpaczona? Przez co? Moe ma to zwizek z kolejn scen Julian zostaje pobity. Ale scena, ktra zawiera dech wszystkim fanom na widowni dotyczy Haley. Haley idzie korytarzem kostnicy, zblia si do ciaa zakrytego bia pociel. Koroner podnosi przecierado, by Haley moga zidentyfikowa zwoki. Twarz Haley wypenia cierpienie, kto to jest? Nathan, Dan? Co wy na to? Na odpowiedzi musimy sobie poczeka, kogo Dan chce zabi/ochroni? WICEJ. Clay yells, "It's not that I don't need you here. It's that I don't want you here!" Ouch. Ok,we got some more,new,very interesting One Tree Hill spoiler info from Starnews,and when I say interesting,I really being very modest. Season 9 is going to kick butt. [ November 2nd, 2011 4:12 am

"An Evening with One Tree Hill" wicej materiaw.

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[ Joy Galeotti (Haley): If the season 9 clip they unveiled at the event that night is any indication, we are indeed in for a suspenseful season. But for Haley, does this [ November 7th, 2011 11:33 am

What do you think? Who do you think is under the sheet? Who is Dan trying to kill or protect? Let the wild speculation commence!Thank you for taking the time to update us. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to watch filming and meet all the cast members in Wilmy. I will forever visit wilmy and carry nothing but great memories of all the friendships that I have gained. This show is more than a television show, for some of us, it is happiness. With that, I thank you for taking the time to shine light on the show that could October 30th, 2011 11:01 pmThank you Jeff for tweeting for those of us who couldn be there! I would have loved to go but I felt like I was there from reading your tweets. It was nice to hear how appreciative the cast is and how they truly love their work. I look forward to season 9 bags? morgues? worried about this storyline! I enjoy your OTH articles and look forward to reading more when the show last season premieres

But the scene that had all the fans in the audience gasping involved Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti), slowly walking through a morgue, approaching a body covered by a white sheet. A coroner (or somebody) lifts up a sheet so she can see the person lying there. And when she does, Haley just loses it, her face full of anguish. Who could it be? Nathan? Dan?

Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Red Sale Ireland

For season nine as for the actors your all so gr8 nd your one

´╗┐beat downs and burning buildings

Next up are Clay (Rob Buckley) and Quinn, who are arguing something fierce. Clay yells, not that I don need you here. It that I don want you here! Ouch.

As Nathan (James Lafferty) narrates, the episode opens on the image of a burning building. Who house is it? It unclear, at least to me. It kind of look like the dive Dan worked at. And speaking of Next we see Dan (Paul Johansson) in a car loading a gun. He talking with the person in the passenger seat about killing someone. That person is Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton).