When the doors are thrown open in hopes the bears will make a hasty exit, they instead stop dead and the polar bear wonders if he would not fit in better here than at home with Nat. She agrees and releases him to live with the black bear.

Written by Lisa Dalrymple and illustrated by Elizabeth Pratt Wheeler it is a lively rhyming adventure that sees the polar bear bring to life a black bear on display. Together they roam from one display to another, cavorting upstairs and down, with The Rooms' security staff in pursuit.

Good Morning Canada (North Winds Press, $16.99), written and illustrated by Andrea Lynn Beck, is a vibrant picture book that takes its young readers on a cross country tour. The text is minimal so most of the story is in the illustrations, making it a book pre readers can soon handle on their own. Morning greetings on the east coast are shared with beavers and moose and a Canada goose. Then it moves on to kayaks, canoes, loonies and toonies and, inevitably, a hockey game. There are early morning rides down toboggan hills, Mounties all in a row, maple trees for tapping and wheat waving in farmers' fields.

Double Trouble at the Rooms (Tuckamore Books, $12.95) is a silly story of a young girl named Nat who unleashes her pet polar bear at The Rooms, Newfoundland's provincial archives, art gallery and museum.

´╗┐Author Rebecca North offers simple

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As simple as it is heartwarming, North's story brings home what we all know but struggle to hold onto it is the time spent together that counts. The dad makes time to take his son on a picnic and Patrick loves, in turn, the lighthouse, the Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Tan Ireland Online lemonade, the whales breaching offshore and the chocolate cake. As he carries his sleepy son back to his car it is the dad's turn to say what he liked best about their time together.

Oak Island and the Search for Buried Treasure (Nimbus, $15.95) explores the theories and conspiracies of who buried what on Oak Island. It has four chapters, lots of photographs, a conclusion, a timeline, a glossary and a recommended reading list. It is well organized and full of fact boxes making it more appealing for children who favour non fiction over more narrative fiction, although it remains hard to say what is fact or fiction at Oak Island.

Exactly how they managed to end up with perfectly intact, iced chocolate layer cake on plates, no less, at a picnic is a question for illustrator Nancy Keating but who really cares?