As a result, he hasn bought meat for his household since 2004, taking pride in making the most of the fish and game he harvests. but the quack is Shaw catchphrase for the edible ingredients of his favorite food, duck, and he has figured out how to turn most other animal parts into tasty table fare as well.

In many ways, the former line cook and newspaper reporter is just like you and me. And in others, the guest presenter at last weekend International Sportsmen Expo in Denver would like us to be more like him. So much so that he has built his world around helping us become better omnivores.

don have a unique set of skills. But it a set of skills that allows me to join every other animal in the kingdom. Humans have become the only animal that doesn know how to feed itself. People should be competent at a lot of things, and feeding yourself is one of them. The ability to actually procure your own food is important to us, I think, as a species, Shaw said. that I a competent hunter it is a cheaper lifestyle. But the other big thing for me is that there is a huge flavor aspect of to it. I rather eat a canvasback duck than any domestic duck ever raised. I rather eat venison backstrap than the best filet mignon. believes the popularity of his book and the exponential growth of his website are reflections not just of the edible world in which we live, but of changing attitudes toward hunting in order to put food on the table. Hunting and fishing license numbers are up nationally, and data suggests that one of the primary reasons is food. It hard to get more organic than free range mule deer.

Guess which type Shaw prefers.

takeaway from what I do, whether foraging or fishing or hunting, isn for people to be me, but to find a piece that really strikes a fire underneath them and to add that piece and make it theirs, Shaw said. a kid fishing. Go out and pick berries. Hunt something. It doesn have to be all encompassing, just something that really lights that fire to get outside. The bottom line is that I want people to be more in touch with nature, be an active participant. Nature is not a museum; it where we live. ideally, it where we eat.

To Hank Shaw way of thinking, there food and then there food. One comes from hunting, fishing, foraging and gardening. The other comes wrapped in plastic, Styrofoam or cardboard.

important to make the most of the animals we eat, not only for people who hunt or fish, but for all of us as consumers. Even with domestic meats, Shaw said. are only so many filets mignon on a cow. There are only so many chicken breasts. It behooves us to be more open minded about the foods we eat and use more of the animal. It less wasteful. East Coast transplant to Sacramento, Calif., Shaw, 42, learned to fish and forage as a child. He took up hunting only 10 years ago, however, acquiring the requisite skills with the help of many mentors after discovering he hit the broad side of a barn on his first pheasant hunt. He was shooting rabbits and squirrels soon enough, and eventually fast flying ducks and larger game animals.

´╗┐Author Hank Shaw sings virtues of

Honest Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Hyacinth Ireland cookin main thing people should know is that duck breast and venison backstrap are the money cuts. They should be cooked like steak, medium rare to rare. It perfectly safe and you will enjoy your game infinitely more if you don overcook it, Shaw says. flip side to that is Canada goose legs or the front shoulder on a deer. They should be cooked more like brisket slow and low. Tender cuts like steak; tougher cuts like brisket. If remember that, you will enjoy a lot more game meat.

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Hyacinth Ireland

of it is just the barbarity of the factory farm system, Shaw said. understand why it exists, but it doesn mean I have to be part of the system. It not that I a Puritan or anything, but I a good enough hunter that I can choose to eat less of that food because I don support it. If I can opt out, I will opt out. out on paper as it is in Shaw book, Gather, Cook (Rodale, 2011) the concept of food makes all the sense in the world. It has been described as the next frontier of organic, local, seasonal and sustainable foods, although the reality is that it more of a return to an earlier era. myriad reasons so many of us have turned to the convenience of factory food are likely to show themselves long before the giblets hit the gravy. For starters, you have to find, catch and kill your honest food first, something a relative few Americans are willing and able to do. Then there the butchering, storing and preparation, all of which take time, effort and know how.

But the professed outlier understands that his level of commitment isn for everyone, nor should it be. After all, iguana is organic too, but it still tastes like rubbery chicken gristle, Shaw admits.