´╗┐Avoid these eight mistakes as as new leader

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2. Thinking you know everything. Regardless of how smart you may think you are, nobody wants to work for (or be led by) someone who comes across as a "know it all." Strong leaders know there is always more to learn, and they actively seek out new things to learn each day.

4. Failing to realize that it is not about you, it's about the team. There is no need for a leader if there is no one to lead. The measurement of a team is best seen in the sum of the results of the people. Not realizing how quickly what you say or do can and often will be misinterpreted. Regardless of how well you may think you communicate something, it still needs to be verified. Nothing will sink a new leader faster than being misinterpreted. Remember, it's not just words that can be misinterpreted; your actions as a leader are under just as much scrutiny.

3. Failing to realize you're being watched even when you're not being watched. Leaders are leaders 24/7, and one of the easiest ways to undermine your ability to lead is by being one person while leading and a different person at other times.

7. Women Canada Goose Dawson Parka Red Ireland Not realizing the most important thing is what happens when you're not present. This is all about developing people who do the right thing, regardless of whether you are around. Great leaders can step away from an organization and there is zero reduction in the performance of the team.