The Winona Crossing development will be located near the corner of Fifty and South Service roads. Local city councillor Brenda Johnson has confirmed zoning approvals are currently in place. The Stoney Creek News has been unable to confirm when the contractor plans to start construction.

believe in you and it makes you feel like you have a great support system and you be successful no matter where you open, she said.

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Graszat has been told her franchise could begin construction next spring, after Costco breaks ground. If everything goes as planned, Graszat hopes to open the restaurant by next September.

ability to work with anyone and get along with anyone, I think that had an impact, she said.

Graszat was among about 2,000 contestants nominated for Be The Boss, with only two selected to appear on air. She believes her leadership skills and willingness to work with others helped her win the show.

Graszat, who entered the show thinking she was up for a possible regional manager position, Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Navy Ireland Sale ended up receiving her own franchise, slated for the Winona Crossing development. Pita Pit corporate was so impressed by her performance on Be the Boss that it covering all of the franchise start up costs, estimated at around $300,000.

Graszat, who has no formal business training, is looking forward to her role as a boss. She said her Be The Boss Canada experience has helped mould her into a better leader and business administrator.

While thousands of shoppers are awaiting the new Winona Costco, Erin Graszat is excited for the development for a different reason.

made me into the best that I can be, she said. helps me grow as a leader and a business owner. I feel I very prepared. praised Pita Pit corporate office for supporting her dream. She also contacted other franchisees for tips and suggestions on launching a successful business.

Graszat said the Pita Pit location offers something that currently lacking in the area. Pita Pit specializes in pita wraps, salads and smoothies, and markets itself towards a health conscious clientele.

Graszat, 23, will be one step closer to owning her own business when construction begins. The Hamilton Mountain resident was awarded her own Pita Pit franchise after a 2012 appearance on Be The Boss Canada. The OWN TV reality show pits two employees against each other in a week long job interview, with a chance at a big promotion.

Pita Pit Canada President Kevin Pressburger said Graszat handled herself with poise and confidence on the reality show. She completed a smoothie challenge and prepared a school lunch order for 400 students.

´╗┐Be the Boss Canada winner Erin Graszat looks to open Winona Pita Pit franchise

Graszat, who got her start working at the Paramount Drive Pita Pit at 18, is currently partnering with franchisee Rob Anderson, her brother Tom and two other partners, to open another Pita Pit location at 798 Concession St.

somebody who was that young, she was just really wise beyond her years, he said. has all the intangibles we were looking for in terms of what Pita Pit stands for. waiting for the construction of her Winona location, Graszat will help launch the Concession Street store, which will occupy a former Little Caesar pizza location.