The eagle appeared to swoop down from out of nowhere with its talons ready to grip onto its prey.

After a battle on the ground, the goose Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Ireland eventually managed to break free of the eagle's grip and headed straight for the lake.

Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Ireland

They call him Lucky: Bell said she noticed some claw marks on the Canada goose's back but appeared 'proud to have gotten away.'

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Both Canada geese and bald eagles are migratory birds with habitats that extend across the continent, which means that it's hard to know where either of these animals were born.

Splash landing! The eagle doubled back and swooped the goose once more, unsuccessfully, before flying off into a nearby tree

Squished goose: The goose appears to be finished, but it still had fight left in it enough to avoid becoming the eagle's lunch

In a Facebook post about the 'once in a lifetime experience' Ms. Bell told fellow group members she had the glory of witnessing nature at its best and capturing it all in her lens.

'It was very still, there was no more noise coming out of him,' Bell told Global News.'But as it turns out, I think he was probably playing dead.'

After the clash of feathers, the eagle ended up waiting in a tree for around 20 minutes before eventually flying off.

But despite the sizable goose, the eagle pounced on top of the big bird, at one point completely standing on top of its long neck.

The goose, meanwhile, appeared to be a little slow off the mark frantically flapping its feathers as it tried to make a run for it, or at least leave the ground.

´╗┐Bald eagle and a Canada goose battle in British Columbia caught on camera

The goose was able to escape by diving under water and floated in the middle of the pond.